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    It’s a promise. That’s why Induction Dynamics® products are (and always will be) tested, assembled, and finished by hand.

S4X® Super 4th-Order Crossovers

Patented crossover circuits create a steep slope on the low pass side equivalent to 5th order.  This slope is frequently necessary to compensate  for increasing impedance on the lower frequency driver that works against the effect of the low pass.

A side benefit of the patented crossover is the use of coupled coils.  Ordinarily, the low pass coils would need to be separated to avoid interaction.  The patented crossover stacks fourth order coils and uses the interaction to create the additional slope.  Therefore the crossover only occupies the space of a second order circuit.

Pictured Right: The patented S4X Super fourth order crossover coils.

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Strict Quality Control and Hand-Selected Components

All Induction Dynamics crossovers use beefy coils that don’t saturate, and low loss capacitors.  All components are individually adjusted to precise values. While typical industry standards allow for as much as 5-10% variance between electrical components, Induction Dynamics standards only allow for a stunning 0.3% variance.

All internal connections are soldered for reliability and minimum resistance.  Clips are not used anywhere. Some high-end drivers from quality manufacturers such as Focal and Dynaudio are used.  Whenever an appropriate outside model is not available, we make an equivalent-quality model in-house at our facility in Jacksonville.

Pictured left: Skilled technician ensures components meet precision manufacturing requirements.

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Patented Subwoofer Processing

Induction Dynamics subwoofers have a passive correction circuit that removes the typical bump associated with the speaker’s resonance.  This keeps the subwoofer from sounding boomy.  The subwoofers are available with either a built-in or separate amplifier.  Both amps have a patented frequency-selective excursion limiter that’s centered on the peak excursion frequency.  The limiter maintains the wave form and operates faster than the frequency rise time, which make it virtually inaudible.

Pictured right: Inner view of acoustic suspension enclosures, high-excursion drivers, and a filter circuit to eliminate resonance peaks.

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3-Way/4-Way Defeatable Crossover Switch

ID1 and ID1.15 models include a unique switch that toggles between 3 & 4-way operation, giving you full control over the massive built-in subwoofers. This switch allows the ID1’s to excel in 2-channel applications as well as left/right mains in a surround sound system.

Pictured left: The 3-way/4-way switch mounted to the ID1 and ID1.15 models.

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Wide Angle® Technology

Most conventional speaker designs have a relatively small and narrow “sweet spot” caused by inaccurate phase matching of the drivers. In other words, they’re only able to sound their best within a very narrow area. Sound quality can fluctuate drastically outside of this area. Patented Wide Angle® Technology provides precise phase matching of the drivers, noticeably expanding the “sweet spot” vertically. Listeners enjoy clear, undistorted sound regardless of their vertical position.

Pictured right: The listening sweet spot is as much as twice the size of industry standard.

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State-of-the-art woodworking, painting, and finishing

Expert woodworkers assemble and finish the cabinets using precision tools, handpicked veneers, and automotive quality paints. Upon assembly, additional tests are conducted to ensure consistency and uniformity between each and every speaker. Wood veneer finishes are selected for the best, most consistent grain patterns, while painted cabinets are sandedand painted with as many as twelve coats of paint to achieve the perfect depth and texture.

Pictured left: Expert woodworker applies additional coat of custom teal automotive paint to an ID1.15.

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Patented Wall-Mounting Systems

ID in-wall models have a patented fastening system that allows them to be easily secured to wall studs.  The back boxes are constructed from heavy gage welded aluminum. By attaching directly to studs, our patented Stud-Grabber™ mounting system ensures that our in-wall speakers eliminate noisy vibrations while providing easy leveling and depth adjustment.

Pictured right: S1.IW in custom rosewood finish, with aluminum back box for in-wall mounting.

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Patented Technologies

Induction Dynamics’ engineers have tested hundreds of high-end drivers and crossover parts. Along the way, they’ve even patented unique technologies to further improve these world-class electronics. From the physical appearance features to the advanced technology within, the Induction Dynamics line of speakers are truly extraordinary.

Pictured left: Skilled technician solders connections for a patented driver design.

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