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High Fidelity Bookshelf Speaker: Induction Dynamics S1.8

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High Fidelity Bookshelf Speaker Induction Dynamics S1 Stand

Induction Dynamics S1 High Fidelity Bookshelf Speaker w/Stand

The world’s premiere high fidelity bookshelf speaker

Searching for the world’s best high fidelity bookshelf speaker? Look no further than the Induction Dynamics S1.8 – The S1.8 packs an enormous amount of sound and technology into a surprisingly small footprint.

Advanced Technology

The high fidelity bookshelf speaker bookshelf speaker produces utilizes advanced S4X & Wide Angle Technologies. When combined with our room correction software, these technologies enabling the S1.8 to match a room’s unique acoustic signature. This technology helps make every area in the room a “sweet spot,” a spot that is blanketed in beautiful, full sound.


Another reason why this high fidelity bookshelf speaker stands out is the size and flexibility the speaker’s physical dimensions. Standing at only 24.75″, this speaker is perfect for resting on an actual bookshelf, but is also tall enough to stand on its own. Although not quite as tall as a typical tower speaker,patented Wide Angle Technology retains the sound stage, even above the speaker. For best results, Induction Dynamics speakers stands are available. And don’t be surprised by the amount of low-end that this speaker offers – the high-throw 8″ woofer produces as much bass as many of today’s full-sized tower speakers.

Custom Tailored

Don’t forget about the custom finishes that Induction Dynamics has to offer. Your high fidelity bookshelf speakers can be transformed to be even more cohesive with any room through our wide range of finishing options. Induction Dynamics offers standard finishes of standard rosewood gloss, black gloss, black satin, and sports car red. However, Induction dynamics also has an unlimited opportunity for custom finishes, covering everything from custom paint to custom wood veneer to even offering the option of choosing your own (let us help you find the artist to paint your special design on your speakers).

Induction Dynamics S1 High Fidelity Bookshelf Speaker - in a bookshelf!

Induction Dynamics S1 High Fidelity Bookshelf Speaker – in a bookshelf!



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