Warranty Information

All Induction Dynamics products come with a limited ten (10) year warranty and a limited three (3) year warranty on all electronics. Should your Induction Dynamics product require service, please call the MSE Audio customer service department for a return authorization. All merchandise returned to MSE Audio without prior authorization will be refused. For your return authorization number please call 855.663.5600 or email returns@mseaudio.com. Purchase orders may be sent to sales@mseaudio.com. Please remember to specify color.

Remittance: P.O. Box 842062, Dallas, TX 75284-2062, USA.

Products not sold through the authorized dealer/distributor for your country will NOT be supported by a factory warranty. Warranties are non-transferable which includes but is not limited to: second-hand items and sales from an unauthorized dealer/distributor on websites such as Ebay, Amazon, or Craig’s List. CONTACT US to find a dealer or distributor in your area.